Crypxel is an exclusive collection made up of pixel characters living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every character is unique and each of them can be owned by just one person at the time. Daily drops, awards, giveaways, related collections… all of this is part of our project. Join the community and get yourself a Crypxel as soon as you can! You won’t regret it!

Crypxels are 26×26 handmaded pixel characters. There are various types of Crypxels like Boys, Girls and even Zombies. Some Crypxels are rarer than others, it depends on their attributes and it cannot be changed. Blue are basic and Red are rare. Buy your Crypxel or request a custom one to be part of our family.

1. Ownership and property.
2. A spot in the “Crypxel City”.
3. Chance to win Airdrops and Contests.
4. Possibility of mint for linked collections.
5. Crypxel Coin drops and more.

Our project develops over time and it’s composed by 2 phases.
During the first phase, we will upload 1-5 Crypxels daily on our OpenSea.
Blue background – Basic character
Red background – Rare character
The drop will be structured by 4 Basic Crypxels followed by 1 rare. During the drop time we will also publish some special editions that will complete our collection.
After reaching 500 Crypxels, the second phase will start with the launch of the “Crypxels City” and “Crypxel Coin”. We’ll explain every detail of the second phase later.

During the first phase you can request for your personal Crypxel. You can choose between the traits you want (according to the rules) talking directly with the creator. Your Crypxel will be added to the collection and gifted to you during the next drop. The price for the custom Crypxel is the standard price + 0.02ETH.

Crypxel Art consists in a special NFT where all the Crypxels will be immersed in a unique and exclusive framework. Every owner will have the possibility to request his Crypxel Art. It will be a total new NFT and it’s not connected to your Crypxel. You’ll be able to sell it, gift it and do whatever you want… but notice, if you sell your NFTs you will have to buy them back to complete your collection.

This roadmap will be valid during the first phase of the project. 
-20 Crypxels sold
: Special Crypxel Airdrop to 1 lucky owners.
-50 Crypxels sold: Launch of Crypxel Art project.
-100 Crypxels sold: Gold and platinum Crypxels for the community.
-200 Crypxels sold: Charity Campaign.
-500 Crypxels sold: Launch of “Crypxel City” and “Crypxel Coin”.
The Roadmap may be subjected to minor changes. We will start working on every point after reaching the corresponding goal.

The Crypxel City will be a place where all the Crypxels will be able to find their own space and live together. You’ll see your Crypxel walking around, changing places and earning coins. The City will be divided in two parts. The VIP part and the common part. Try to reach the VIP part to start earning more coins and rewards. There will be a system to decide every week which Crypxels will be the favorite e and the most famous of the City. Every Crypxel will have his personal file where you’ll be able to see his popularity, his price and all the medals obtained. The value of a Crypxel will be based not only on his personal aspect but also to his popularity. The Crypxel City will be available to the public after the reaching of the 100% of the roadmap.

Crypxel Coin will be our personal Crypto currency. It will be available after the launch of the Crypxel City and its usefulness, to start, will be purely towards the purchase of crypxel products as for Crypxel characters, Crypxel Arts and more. You’ll be able to receive some coins by holding your Crypxels, winning Airdrops and contests. The entire system will be explained better right before the launch of the Coin.

Crypxel was born in May 2021. After only 2 months we achieved excellent results for our expectations and for what was the world of NFTs in that period. Unfortunately, we weren’t competent enough to avoid all the scams that were being created at the time. We lost everything in an instant. The wallet connected to the collection got hacked and there wasn’t anything to do. We’ve been very quiet for a while trying to fix stuffs and reorder our ideas and expectations for the future. We are now glad to be back stronger and with more awarness about all the scams and problems that we might face. We are here to prove that failure is not necessarily the end of something and that IT security is very important. We can all stand up and show the world who we really are.

Crypxel is a collection of 500 characters on the ethereum blockchain. Owning a Crypxel will give you the chance to earn Crypxel coins, have your character in the Crypxel City, chance to win special airdrops and NFTs, and more. During the first phase there will be a daily drop of 1-5 Crypxels until the collection is completed and you will be able to request and receive a custom Crypxel. With the “Crypxels Art” project (50 Crypxels sold) every owner will have the possibility to receive a special NFT of his Crypxel character immersed in a special framework to complete his collection. After reaching 100% of the roadmap, we will begin with the second phase which consists in building and releasing The “Crypxel City” and “Crypxel Coin”.


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